Modern science is an intensely social activity. The most productive and successful scientists are intimately familiar with both the substance and style of each other's work. Thus, science functions best when it is supported by laboratory workspaces that facilitates both structured and informal interaction, flexible use of space, and sharing of resources.

We design smart, sustainable laboratory workspaces by:

  • Creating flexible engineering systems and casework that encourage research teams to alter their spaces to meet their needs
  • Designing offices and write-up areas as places where people can work in teams
  • Design mobile and modular furniture, to use the full volume of space
  • Creating "research centers" that are team-based
  • Creating all the space necessary for research team members to operate properly near each other
  • Establishing clearly defined circulation patterns
  • Provide interior glazing to allow people to see one another
  • Efficient use of materials and resource

“Personally, I consider Clinical Cabinets to be the gold standard for laboratory fit-outs and highly recommend their services.”

Teleflex, Senior Laboratory Engineer