Clinical Cabinets provide the highest quality, best built and most durable lab furniture that is delivered and installed on time. But our fanatical commitment to building the best is more than just talk.

The extraordinary fit and finish of every Clinical Cabinets product reflects that devotion to providing what customers want and need. Customers see our quality in clean, functional lines. They hear it in the sound of a drawer sliding effortlessly closed. The feel it in the solidity of a well made unit. And they experience it in the attention to the smallest of details of design assistance, installation and after-sale service.

“Clinical Cabinets transformed our 1960’s lab into a 21st-century workspace that feels and looks great. They are straight shooters, what you see is what you get. And what you get is a very solid but flexible partner, a professional and courteous team who are excellent at finding the right solution and fit for your needs and budget. ”

EcoLab, Paul O'Connor