Design for Efficiency

Clinical Cabinets commitment to sustainability starts at the drawing board.

True to our name, Clinical Cabinets take a ‘clinical’ approach to design, ensuring we maximise the long term life cycle performance of our products and designs.

Responsible Material Sourcing

Clinical Cabinets are ISO 9001 2015 certified, we ensure our suppliers are certified to the same or similar standards.

We use the expertise of a LEED AP, Corporate Social Responsibility expert to help guide our best practice.

Where possible, we use steel and stainless steel, the most recycled material on this planet. Stainless Steel products can be fully recycled after a useful life.

Clinical Cabinet’s finishes chemical resistant and hazard free.

Our wood products and work surfaces, composite bench tops, Tec Resin Epoxy worktops and High Pressure Laminate tops such as Trespa , are sourced from ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and FSC certified manufacturers.

Our packaging is designed to utilise a variety of renewable, reusable, and environmentally safe materials. Our product shipped from a single location keeping environmental impact to a minimum.

Lean Operations

Clinical Cabinets introduced lean processes into it’s manufacturing process in 2015 and continues to measure the impact of doing so.


Clinical Cabinets people are problem solvers, who strive to design leaner, cleaner and more efficient products and workspaces for laboratory users.