Based in Ireland, yet with a global presence, we’re renowned for our technical expertise and innovative laboratory furniture designs, and are already developing the next generation of clinical spaces, exploring how to weave technology into the very fabric of your working environment.

What sets us apart is that we collaborate closely with the people who spend their days working in clinical and laboratory environments, to shape rewarding spaces that empower and aid productivity.

Our unique human-centric approach places people at the heart of our furniture designs, working with architects, construction professionals and engineers to deliver optimal workspaces - on time and within budget - that operate at a level far beyond merely the functional, but embrace the vision of a truly connected space.

Our Mission

Your physical working environment has a direct influence on your wellbeing.

At Clinical Cabinets we understand that intrinsic connection, and it’s why all our products are specially engineered to enhance that vital sense of fulfilment.

Clinical craftsmanship and precision design defines our work, enabling those who operate in our environments to maximise their potential, performance and productivity.

We’re already pioneering the next generation of cleanroom environments, crafted from durable and intelligently designed equipment that reflects our commitment to socially and environmentally conscious design.

“We're passionate about designing solutions for your furniture and workspace challenges. In an increasingly digital world we are now exploring how you can digitally interact with your working environment, redefining laboratory and cleanroom workspaces right around the world. Exciting times ahead!”

John Walsh, Managing Director, Clinical Cabinets