How can you determine the space and equipment requirements for a new lab?

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Looking at your lab plans from both a bottom up and top down approach will ensure that the quantity and quality of space is exactly what it needs to be for your lab.

In the top-down approach, measures such as headcount with various historical and benchmark data can be used to help determine space requirements, functional areas, the number of rooms and their size, and the amount of equipment that can be placed in each room.

The bottom-up approach looks at how many batches and how many lots are being manufactured to determine how many tests are required, the equipment needed for each test, and the frequency of equipment use. This information dictates how much space is needed for each test area.

The combination of these two approaches can help create a holistic picture of both the quantity and quality of space required.

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Note: This article is an edited abstract from the white paper “Incorporating Lean Principles into Pharmaceutical QC Laboratory Design: building design influencing laboratory behaviours and effectiveness.”